Air Jordan XII Whats the Fit Like?

Feb 10, 2007
How does the XII fit? True to Size or a bit bigger? For Example I wear a Size 10.5 men's in a lot of my shoes, would I have a fitment problem if I were to get a pair in that size?
Nah, you'll be good in that, they fit true to size.
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But i suggest you coppin the Retroes cuz they are better for ballin and are much lighter
They fit true to sz. They are some of the best AJs to hoop in for me.
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A great shoe my first pair of Air Jordans they are a little heavy to me. A great fit PERFECT. :D

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IMO they run true to size, but i remember a seller telling me they fit .5 size smaller
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They run true to size, I'm wearing my black/red retroes right now. There a bit heavy though.
They fit like true to size.
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id say true to size but the retros seem snug imo. not unwearable snug but i can tell. maybe its just me
got some size 11 heat. get at me
Anybody know how the OG's fit. I'm usually a 9.5 but I was going to get a 9. Would I be alright going with the 9
Wow, I see more than 10 posts saying true to size. That's NT!
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