Air Max 90 Current Huarache Fall '09 first look

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quick attempt at a scream green c/w:

-any suggestions for c/w placement? mudguard color? swoosh? airbag plastic? plastic lacelocks?
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i like. especially wallys quick mock up.

but what i dont get is why they decided to leave the area around the air bag white.

surely if it was inspired by the huarache the midsole would be one block colour?

plus it doesnt make sense for them to release this show in fall. it would have a better idea to drop them in summer in some hot huarache colourways
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A boy can dream right?

two new quick photoshops taking the best of the am90 colorblocking scheme of white/black/two tones of grey and mixing it with the scream green colors..


#2 with a different tone of green and blue here

some other stuff that keeps the traditional am90 color scheme intact:
full huarach heel cage color:

mariners c/w:

womens with three tones of purples/reds

im telling you, this is the one shoe where a "blackout" does the shoe little to no justice. layering is key

some others:
Im loving the free/teeth midsole. making that a focal point, throw some colors onto that, much like the trainer sc II:

my apologies for so many PSs in this i said above, nike could DO some great things if they put their mind to it, or 4-5 minutes
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this shoes hot cuz its soo close to be a regular air max 90 just with a twist,, unlike other hybrids,,,

putting in work

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These are ugly... just give us the damn Huaraches already in the light sky blue/ grey/ black colorway.
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Originally Posted by s dubl

wow those look pretty hot.

Id like to see them in some Huarache colors.
that's what i was hoping for when i jumped to this. i'm sure they'll catch on and put some out hopefully.
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