Air total max uptempo

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wow they releasing all these sneakers back to back...i need to get my money up asap
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Originally Posted by JFMartiMcDandruff


I heard fall.
i definetly heard fall 2009.. but then again some "summer" releases started to appear in april. so the fall cycle may begin in june..thats not good news as some other notable sneakers were described as "fall 09".. time to PREPARE
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Originally Posted by 2 gun gibbs

its a june release for sure. they will drop around the same time as the electric blue griffs

Blue griffs started poppin up already
so I doubt these are droppin now, dammit nike
too many shoes
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Even tho im excited im still waiting 2 see sample pics. Unless that 1 up there is a sample n not OG.
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I really like these but, they can wait. I've learned my lesson with these recent retro's, they WILL be on sales racks so I'll be patient...
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