Alife store in NYC

Feb 15, 2006
How are the things priced there?. How much r those googly eyes fitteds? And what type of things do they sell?, I wanna pay a visit, but dont wanna waste my time if i wont be interested.
why don't you give them a call? i think those hats were about $40, but keep in mind they have two stores:

alife: hoodies, t-shirts, pants, knit caps, fitteds, jewelry, etc.
alife rivington club: fitteds and sneakers.

for sale: 2001 size 10.5 jordan iii black + cement. worn but wearable. no box or card. nyc meetups only, please. make me an offer.
^two stores?! wow das news to me. Both located in the city?....near one another?..damn gotta do more research
Honestly, they sell ALIFE stuff. If you don't want that, then there's really no reason to go there.
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