Dec 28, 2002
Simply Put. All Things Related To Major can be discussed here and addressed here.
Nike/Brand Jordan
You know what Rolls Down Hill Don't You?
Who Will You Call When "They" Make More than You?
The Fake Police ?
i see blacktulip everytime i go there............

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RYAN missed you this weekend.

See you there next time

They got a new Nats hat in. All Black with a gold W, and a tilted crown on top the left side of the W. :pimp:
Seems like Major is known better as a 'Lids' type store, rather than a 'DTLR'.
Punchline me your number before I change my mind.

Punchline #2--My name is ____ and I use this kinda condom{point} whats good?
Seems like Major is known better as a 'Lids' type store, rather than a 'DTLR'.

Someone got kufi slapped @ Major this past beautiful Saturday. LMAO..Killa Season style.
Why even draw up blanket e-statements that will bring on e-questions; especially if you ain't got the heart nor the balls to handle the attention...?


Y'all shoe dudes... :smh:

I would still think its '02 if I didn't have a calendar... :lol:

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You'd have to call...they did have the shoe in there though at some point.

It's not that I think I'm better than anyone. There's just noone that's better than me. I'll accept equality.
I was planning a DC trip this weekend, but wanted to see if you guys knew if Major have any good stuff in yet or if I should give them a little time to get their stock up before I make the trip up to DC?
Hit all the spots that have "stickys" my man. All have something positive to provide the consumer.

All are in N.W., within (given traffic) minutes from each other.

Again, given traffic.

"... and better than before, as if it was possible..."
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so why does major and commonwealth have one.. but not gentai or social study ?

on some.. V for vendetta..
IMPORTKING, this has already been discussed. Rock, posted stickys only for the new stores that are opening.
I swear do people have stock in some of these stores or something? I don't. I am totally (almost) unbias from any of the stores stickied.

Gentai and Social and Elite are spots which have been around and for the most part established.

This was my chance to give a few new spots a spotlight (sticky) for a bit. My choice. Not being compensated. But I am not going to do it for all spots already here and having traffic thru it on the regular.

I will however shed light on new spots yet to open and on the way, as the "hype" unravels around them.

Just trying to provide a funnel fella's... not an ad agency.

If I were.. I would def. give Shoe City all the pub I could for all the stuff I get on discount there. Its my favorite shoe spot BY FAR for me. Why? I can go there weeks and weeks after release and see what I want on sale.

Not for just me, but my kids, my girl and gifts for others. Simple. Yet, they are established like other shops..and I am not about to do stickies for Champs, FNL, FL and the like.
Nike/Brand Jordan
You know what Rolls Down Hill Don't You?
Who Will You Call When "They" Make More than You?
The Fake Police ?
Stopped thru Major last night. The store stay changin which is cool. They got this illuminate shoe display across from the sneakers. I was gonna take a pic but i aint buy nething so i aint wanna look like the paparazzi but the spot is looking better and fuller. Just need more exclusive sneaks. I expected their selection to be beyond DTLR. congrats to minissota Ave store. they got a better Nike account so they will get EVERYTHING . an i'll get discounts galor..(grunts) oh yea bac to Major, but the joint tight till i cut my hand tryna get the uptempos off display, least i aint get a splinter
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