Am I the only one with this problem?

Joined Jun 17, 2013
Okay I personally understand that when it comes to getting an RSVP through Nike Georgetown chances are far and few between. But after sitting in front of my computer for 5+ hours refreshing my twitter feed and when the link finally arose getting my DM sent in under 5 seconds and still not getting the "What the Kevin Durant" V I've come to the realization that the system is overal a lie. I dont believe that people legitimately get the sneakers. I know ill get the "duh" comments and I guess im the stupid one for believing its actually possible for someone who was actually going to give the shoes a workout to get the shoes. But all in all I have disappointed feelings in Nike GT and probably will find it hard to shop there again, I honestly would rather have nike give raffle tickets a week before the GT and draw tickets for RSVP places just to end the speculation. Thats just my take on the system...
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I'm not sure if you're referring to the whole RSVP process or just for GT. But I believe Nike has a select few people they mainly choose from to get the RSVPs. Although once, on my own I got the RSVP for the DB9s.
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Im speaking on behalf of all of them because I believe they all are rigged to an extent but I have only had experience with nike gt
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I don't feel like any system is 100% fair. Workers will want the shoes just as much as the customers. It happens alot. I've been first in line at a store and have been told "we dont have your size." Like yeah...ok...... :rolleyes
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I've been telling peeps this. The only way you'll get an rsvp honestly from them is if it's not that hot of a release, or there are a ****ton up for release. I have gone so far as to call and tell the manager her employees are selling rsvps  but apparently, she doesn't care.
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They can probably manipulate the RSVP system with a very limited shoe but with GR its probably fair game
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yeaa i dont think it is fair either. There is some conspiracy behind it. Ive been in NikeDC and Ive talked to the workers and theyve told me that they too try and get the rsvps themselves but my thing is how can you be at work and on your phone waiting for a tweet? The manager is very sneaky...
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There isn't a system that is fair because of the low number of shoes released on release day. If the shoe count would return to most stores getting the normal 72 pairs, which are 6 runs of shoes (size 7-12) then most of us would have a better chance in getting our pair. But with how shoes sale out online in less than a 60 secs and stores "claiming" to get 1 or 2 runs of shoes we the normal collector, consumer, or sneakerhead come up empty handed most times. Thank God for restocks!
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