Andre Blatche Triple Double Chase vol Worse than Ricky Davis?

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Originally Posted by kingkb34

Just saw this on BDL...current/future cancer for some team.
Definetly. But damn that was immature of him tho
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at this dude. "7-day dray"
I think he would have been willing to lose that game if it meant he would get the triple double
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I don't like dude anyway

*waves Dikembe finger*

No triple double for you, stat ++$#.
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WOW!...that video was hilarious ESPECIALLY when he gets mad at his teammate for taking the rebound from him and when he begs Yi for the rebound.

That's on some Anthony Bowie type steez for my OG heads.
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@ my dude Bullet Proof....sad part is, he didn't hit the glass hard (or show effort) until he found out he had 9 boards. Flip was yelling at the team to hit the glass from 5 minutes into the game.

I mean CAN'T be surprised at him pulling this. This is the same dude who used to sleep in the Verizon Center cause he was broke....same dude who solicited sex from a cop.....he's FOREVER immature.

Dude has so much talent for a guy his size, it's scary....but yeah, he's a headache.

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Cartier Martin

Son had that wanna get away look like he wanted to be back in the D-league or the Warriors
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The ball came RIGHT TO cartier martin... martin didn't even have to move his feet to get the rebound... the only way he WOULDN'T have gotten that rebound is if he intentionally ran away from the ball to let it pass through him... that would have been just as ridiculous as anything Blatche was doing. (And yes, that whole sequence was ridiculous)
Is there any actual "proof" that Blatche asked Yi to give him the offensive board? Not saying he didn't do it, but doesn't really seem like there's any actual evidence (besides talking and laughing) that blatche asked for the board.
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