Anniversary Help!

Joined Jan 21, 2008
NT fam, I need ya help. Tomorrow is me and my girl's anniversary. I have ZERO ideas what to do. Any help? I live in NYC btw, if it matters.
Joined Feb 4, 2013
What type of anniversary? It seems like all kinds of couples of anniversaries. Is it like a one year dating? Or what?
Joined Aug 25, 2007
anniversarys are lame do not get her anything she will get spoiled and expecting something bigger and bigger every time theres a "special occasion.
Joined Jun 26, 2012
If you can cook then make her dinner and have a rooftop dinner with her, candles and all. Shout out to 'Think Like A Man'.
Joined May 9, 2013
if its a big anniversity 20 years 10 years 5 years. do something you guys have done before or take her somewere youve been befor. for example if you can take her were you first met her, kissed her. somerwhere were its a significant place for your relationship. 
saw dis on some show
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