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Dec 18, 2004
i don't usually do any reviews because everyone's reviews here is straight to the point so i'd just be repeating things but i only saw one review of these shoes and honestly, it didn't tlel me much. i got these shoes and balled in them and i have to say this:

they are a very horrible pair of shoes. the cool thing is the pump is which adjustable, makes your shoes tighter. this gives youthe comfort of just moderate pumping for chilling and max pumping for tight fitting. the sole looks like it'll grip by itself vertically on a wall but i played in a dirty gym so it attracted more dust than usual and gave me fits sliding. well it didn't really slip too much but i prefer converse wade's grip much better on the same floor.
so as you should know, the pumping mechanism comes from a pad under your heel so it pumps automatically when you play in them. bad thing is that your feet starts feeling sore, just the heels though because, in my opinion, you are either working your heel too much OR there's no cushioning with the pump pad under your heels. and the shoes have really "sharp" features like the back of the shoes and the tongue of the shoes are thin but sharp because of those patent materials on it. so it's partly my fault for wearing no shows but i wouldn't have those problems with any jordans because they assume a lot of ppl don't like to wear high or mid socks.

i don't like to judge the shoes out of 10 so i'll let others who tried the shoes decide on it. just that for those who want to get it, think twice.
thanks. was looking for a review. so the cushioning sucks? is it more on the soft or firm side?
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the shoes are low to ground, hard cushioning
i tried them twice only though so they could get softer but the last thing i remember about wearing those shoes is a sore heel hahaha
I have to disagree on every point made in that review. These were on of my top three shoes bought last year, and I liked playing in them more than the XXI's. The hell cushioning is perfect, firm on the midsole and a little bouncy, like broken in Shox, and the pump bag adds an air feel in the insole. The pump technology really brings the shoe in around the heel and midfoot, locking your foot in in about three to four steps. An extremely cool technology, just take three steps and you feel the shoe tighten. The forefoot is thick and not very responsive but fully absorbs all shock and feels a little like adiprene when broken in. Built like a tank, had mine for over a year and they still have no busted seams or stiches, just slight separation of the outsole from the Shear DMX. My top from last year for comparison: VC5, AZK1, Answer X, Jordan XXI, LBJIII, Superstar Structure.
^^^ I definitly agree with you, one of top preformce shoes i have and i have zk1's. the cushioning could be a little better, but good overall shoe built like a tank for sure. between the zip, the strap, and the pump these shoes lock you down.
hows the traction pad?, any good for long-term use? and does it grip like monkey paw from Nike
i play on a very smooth outdoor court and there pretty good. haven't played anyesle yet. i'll be on an indoor court sunday, so let you know.
i mostly do outdoors (cement court type), so that type of review would be good, but if u can give an overall review that would also be good. if u've ever tried foamposite technology, i'd like to know how that fairs with the Pump system
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