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Aug 1, 2007
I just got these in the mail yesterday from Foot Locker.

I got them in Royal/White/Black.

Anybody had these shoes? I'm just curious and want to see what you guys think.
there was a review thread on them, try searching for it, probably still there. maybe u can give a review on them too
Anybody willing to ID Kobe II, and then send them to Canada?, PM me for fee​
After playing hard in these every day for a week, I say these are great shoes.

They look great, especially in this colorway. They're real sleek from a side view, but from the front, they look kinda awkward. The 3 on the medial side of the right shoe is a nice addition, and so is the one at the toe. On the insole in the left shoe is Georgetown's mascot, showing the great attention to detail. and the picture hasn't worn off---at all. The tongue is real sick cause it's a picture of Iverson doing a crossover. The X's that are all over the white part of the shoe make it look unique from anything else. They're not only for looks though. They're great for ventilation since they're actually slits made into the material and they open up.

The thing I really like about this shoe is the lacing system. Beneath the zipper is an inner bootie that you lace up. It looks like the Jordan X on the inside. The only thing I don't like about the laces is that they don't lace down far enough. The zipper does a great job of hiding them, which haven't been stepped on, untied or anything like that. They've never got stuck in the velcro either. The zipper also creates a nice clean profile and its nice because there's a lot of detail to it. It's shiny and it has words embedded in it and a big X engraved into it. And it never gets in the way when I run and it never comes down. Now, the plastic strap, was disappointing. It doesn't do much to lock down the foot, and it sometimes hurts when you step in because the tongue is too short and the strap digs into your leg. And I'm also worried that the velcro won't hold for a long time, but so far it's still pretty strong. Lastly, the pump is very good. It's much improved from the Answer IX. It's easier to dial and instead of just "On" or "Off" it has 5 adjustable settings. At the lowest setting with no pressure, it feels nice and loose and comfortable, suitable for just chillin or walking around. The last setting allows no heel slip at all, I'm telling you. It's total lockdown fit around the ankle, heel and midfoot. But it is a little too tight and I think it would cut off circulation for most people, but I usually leave it on this setting, since it doesn't bother me during a game.

The ankle support is exceptional. The cut is high, like the Kobe 2 the laces go up all the way to the ankle, the strap helps, and the blue part of the shoe is a real stiff synthetic leather. The pressure from the pump acts like and added couple layers of cushioning. The only fault with safety is that there is no outrigger.

It features DMX cushioning, and so far I can say that the cushioning underfoot is nice and soft, but definitely not mushy. And for you Zoom Kobe 1 fans, I have both of these shoes in the same size and they ride the same height off the ground. Around the ankle and midfoot the cushioning is a good thickness. The firmness of it depends on how much you dial the pump. It gets much more firm if there's more pressure. The tongue is soft and thin, like the T-Mac V's tongue.

Everyone asks me about the traction. Though I can't get them to squeak, I can that the grip is very good. When I run I don't have any problems. Sliding I have no problems, and I can make hard cuts. This is because of the high abrasion rubber. The outsole's design itself doesn't cause much friction, but the material does. The only problem with the traction is that it won't last you very long. I play indoors only, but I can tell that the traction will suck if you play outdoors with these. It doesn't look durable at all.

And I know when you look and it says 18.2 ounces, it may seem heavy, but it's not. This is coming from a featherweight point guard, whose whole game is quickness. I've owned the Jordan XX, Converse Wade, and the Zoom Kobe 1 (which I don't think is light at all). And I can say that these are no slouch. They feel very heavy when you carry them, but they feel very light when they are on your feet. I think this is because they feel natural due to the "Feet You Wear" design and the good flex. The lockdown fit from the lacing system makes the shoe glued to your foot so everything is moving together and you don't get that clunky feel. And the weight distribution is good. Don't forget that the cut goes above your ankles.
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