Any boutiques worth checking out in Columbus, Ohio?

Aug 28, 2007
I think there may be some on North High in the Short North but I haven't checked them out yet.
Yeah Status Style in the SOuth Campus Gateway 2 doors East of Cold Stone Cremery in the Gateway Mall. Industry Standard hybrid Shop on Euclid and High Street about 2 Blocks south of the Gateway and Sole Classics on N. High In the short north Next To Dr. Mojoe's and the Segway Shoppe.
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Haha no I don't think you did. But you guys just opened and I appreciate you holding it down for the sneaker culture in Columbus because there is like nothing here.
You know I'm tryin man... gotta get it together though. Keep in touch if you need anything!
"They even talked bout Jesus."
i need addresses im coming out there in 2 weeks and last year around this time i couldnt find anything..i found a random skate shop by some bubble tea place or something but nothing else..

so any addresses would be nice..
1568 N. High St

Sole Classics
765 N. High St

3343 N. High St

Big Daddys
2222 Summit St

And if you need food stop at Canes! If you want a smoothie stop at IntaJuice! LOL
Tell em you want the Fruit Fruitation... drop the strawberry add peach. Thats a Status joint! LOL
"They even talked bout Jesus."
No problem man, be sure to introduce yourself when u drop by my shop. Always good to know your fellow NTers. Like I said before if u need some good food eat at Canes! Ha ha ha
"They even talked bout Jesus."
ok so i was out there this weekend shops where closed but i made it to status saturday night and industry standard on sunday

status was nice the guy working didn't know if they could ship out of the store and gave me a business card. i was interested in a pair of the reeboks in there.

industry standard was cool even though they didnt have a nike account the stores set up was pretty sweet.
studio in the back?! that was crazy haha..

to put a face to my name (if you read this and where in the store when i was)

to status i was wearing '05 smurf dunk lows
to industry standard i was wearing the black court victory pump from the voltron pack

wish i could have made it to sole classics but they where closed every time i drove by
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