Any FAMU heads?

Jan 1, 2007
Just applied there today,(hope i get in) wondering if anyone on NT goes there and school me on the campus. Thanks
girls good everything else not so much
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It's mad NTers at FAMU. A lot more than you would expect, but i mean it's still the south so it's not like there's a huge sneaker scene.

Administration-wise the school is whylin' out right now, but Bryant's about to be out and the new president is comin through. The party scene is whassup. FSU, FAMU, TCC all right there. Academically the school is very good, but the white man is trying to take away our programs. They almost had it where FSU was going to be in control of the funds for FAMU-FSU joint engineering program. Luckily, people got active about that and made their voices heard. There's a whole lot more i could say, but i'd just be typing all day.

Overall, FAMU is a great school. It's a crazy school, but in the end you'll have gotten a good education and you will have learned a whole lot outside of academics that will help you in life.
Just Came Home From A Year At FAMU....No Urban Accounts At All So You're Not Getting Any Exclusive's From Tallahassee....But FAM Got All The Freaks....Not A Hard School To Into At All....Just Call The Registar's Office And Ask Them The Status Of Your Application.
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FAMU is what you make it, same with the city of Tallahassee. Not much to the eye, but between alcohol, women, and ya boys. You're in for a blast. Make sure you stay on top of your grades, or you won't be enjoying much. Have fun!

I go to famu and its a few including me n my boy who are always seen wit jordans on(especially fri on da set) they be jockin us especially when da blk/red/grn spizike's came out i was the first one on da scene wit em. Needless to say i was breakin necks.
I go to TCC like knowledge mentioned a few posts up, but I'm always on the set on Fridays. I got a gang of friends out there too, so its a real cool environment. Don't worry about getting in either, they usually accept almost anyone who applies.
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No Urban Accounts At All So You're Not Getting Any Exclusive's From Tallahassee

Oh by the way I dont know that many NTers that live in the 850 so holla at me! I been workin at Finishline for a year now so i know some of you just stop by and get some kicks!
Yo Thats Wassup....If I Go Back To FAM Next Year Imma Have To See What Thats Like......You Worked In Governors Square Finish line>>?? I Used To Go By There All The Time...
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I graduated back in '02 and I have a sister down there right now. Great times!
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yo i heard its mad fakes up there

Can't tell me nothin!
yo i heard its mad fakes up there

true! But the crowd i hang around r like 300 pairs deep when it comes to sneakers and its like 20 of us! But T-Town has alot sneaker heads u just have to find them! But its easy for me cause i work at finishline!
Keep the condom tight if you go there :lol:
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Fa sho. Pretty much all of this is FAMU... You gotta be on top of your stuff cuz admission staff can get lazy, and try to get into an orientation so you can apply for classes too. As far as sneaker heads go. Its some out there and some who out there posing with the fakes that they buy from the All you can do is laugh bro. My big bro graduated form there in April and I was always up there but I actually start this august so maybe I see you round. I'll have some jays on fa sho. Yo and PleaseSayTheBaby23 Imma have to get at you on some kicks cuz since I know all yall heads, yall know how crazy of a year its gonna be with kicks next year. Imma need every discount

They call me Jay Fresh because i keep a fresh pair on my feet and I usually got the matchin sox and fitted too. And yeah Im from the south. Orlando FL. So who said that there aint no sneaker heads down here.
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