Any NT'ers in Berlin?

Discussion in 'General' started by il prescelto, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. il prescelto

    il prescelto

    Aug 18, 2007
    Just found out I'll be moving to Berlin for work. I grew up in Italy/US but only visited Germany once and don't know a single word of german, so it's going to be a pretty new place for me. I heard the city is great for young people but I don't know much else, I'm jst starting to look into finding an apartment there and do some overall research on the place.

    Any NT'ers in Berlin with recs on where to look for a place, what areas are good, other resources? I'll be workng outside the city, somewhere in between Berlin and Potsdam, but I'd like to live closer to the center (I'll have a shuttle to/from work and additional transportation costs will be reimbursed).

    Any other general tips for living there?

    Also, does anyone have experience filing US taxes while working abroad? I'll be employed in Germany so I'll have to file taxes in both countries, although my salary is low enough that I don't have to pay US taxes on it.