Any NT'ers that live in or near Whidbey Island ?

Aug 3, 2005
it seems like me and about 5 other people that I know of [In Oak Harbor] are sneakerheads in this area. does anyone live in the area, like around whidbey island, marysville, bellingham, or lynnwood ?

of course there are people in seattle, but what about the cities that no one really mention ?
lynnwood. i was just at gizmos the other day. i didnt even know u guys had an asian community. haha. wierd.
haha, i live like directly across the water from you (Port townsend).... I go over to the island once every blue moon or so.... What do they have at Gizmos, anything good recently?
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I live in the small little town of Marysville, a bunch of hicks is all I can say about it...
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Lynnwood, checking in. Whats good, kikkollekta?

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does that shop in oak harbor still got the send helps and hawaiis. did you guys from marysville go to 360(breakin competetion) if you guys did you might of saw me there.
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reyolystic, i'm pretty sure the hawaiis sold out, but there may be a few sizes of send helps left . I might be able to check tomorrow.
they had large sizes left in the hawaiis when i went last week and i think an 8.5. dood tried to rob me and my boy saying they raised prices to 200 from 150.

is gizmos a good place to pickup sbs on realease dates or is there lines
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nah not really. the drive is so deep and gas prices dont help either. if you dont wanna wait in line, and are down to pay extra and drive 150 + miles back and forth i guess it might be worth it. it all depends on your situation. terrell is a cool cat just some of his workers are shady.

just my 2 cents.
^you know him personally ?

well, at least everything doesn't sell out here at gizmos. im' pretty sure they are more send helps and i think a 9.5 hawaii, last time i went there.

btw, anyone interested in meeting up today ? whoever lives in the lynnwood area ? i haven't met a nt'er yet, well cause i live in oak harbor and there aren't really in the area, but i'm going to the lynnwood alderwood mall today.
jnukes you think you can hook me up with a pair i can pay you retail and more cause i cant find the hawaiis or send helos. goods sold out of both and i really want a pair of both. i live in everett we can meet up somewhere sometime
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^Nah. But I use to go there quite often. Ever since their shipments started getting smaller and smaller it became tougher to drive up there anymore.
whatup little nuqui.

i'm pretty sure gizmos still has some pairs of the send helps left but i know they just sold their last pair of hawaiis....i talked to a dude from the shop the other day and he told me that they just got in the eires and that the sandalwoods should be coming in next week.
jnukes, dont know you too much, but i know your bro...and OH buddy..anyway..i used to live on whidbey, but im playing ball in SD of all places
funny you mention whidbey island cause im going up there tonight from chicago with my girl and my boys, my boy lives up by oak harbor by some military base or something like that hes getting married sat. and i was like hey i can check out seattle while im down there and check out some sneaker spots.
crazy. we never get any visitors from that far..... there's nothing really to see here.

actually, walking across deception pass isn't that bad.
I just moved to Lynnwood from Miami less than a month ago (job). I would greatly appreciate someone filling me in on where I might be able to find the Grape 5s out here!
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