Any NYC hotels for a decent price a night?

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I am planning to go to to New York from Oct. 3-7. Any hotel recommendations? Let me know. thanks!


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CHeck they might help u find an apprioate price for ya stay or best to stay wit relative
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Bring a sleeping bag & get a refrigerator cardboard box & stay in the park for free

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Try the Pan American Hotel on Queens Blvd in Queens its 5 min away from the subway station and they offer free shuttle service to LGA and JFK airports all day everyday so you dont have to take a cab. There prices are pretty cheap. Check them out Pan American Hotel.
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pan american is far from cheap b
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U want a "decent price" less than a month from the date you are to arrive. You'd be lucky to find a hotel that actually has occupancy at a high rate. Btw, what is a "decent price" to you?
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^ you're gassing it..

before i ended up moving to new york years ago ( i dont live there anymore) i would take spur of the moment trips all the time..

i used to find hotels all over for cheap.... if you do not mind not staying in manhattan, stay at some cheap not so hot spots out in bk..

even in manhattan, a few blocks from times square theres a spot not more than 3 or 4 blocks from that popeyes on 49th a couple avenues over...i forget what its called and its not the nicest spot, but not the grimiest spot either.the rooms go for about 100+tax a night which is fairly cheap in NYC.

just a heads up, you can find cheap hotels in new york on extremely short notice..
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Quote:[hr][/hr]i used to find hotels all over for cheap.... if you do not mind not staying in manhattan, stay at some cheap not so hot spots out in bk..[hr][/hr]
ed visiting the city I wouldn't know what to do and would likely waste a lot of time in my hotel room. I agree finding places not near times square and in Manhattan are good ideas, I don't know that people unfamiliar w/ the layout of the city would be comfortable staying in a hotel in places they know nothing about.
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i booked a hotel like 3 days before we got there, broadway plaza hotel at 27th st. nothing spectacular, but it was good enough and $179+tax.
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if you're a pretty girl. you can stay at hotel mks33 in tribeca for free. :wink:
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