Any OG’s still lurking here (circa 1999 - 2002)? Check in.

Oct 27, 2002
most def been a minute … as thread title states, just checking on who may still be here from the golden days of NT - 1999 to 2002 OGs where ya at ?!?!

Looking mainly those who attended Norcal Summit 7
Still here. Not even sure why sometimes. LOL

NT Summits used to deliver.....Young Kanye & Dev
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Been here a long time but recently discovered reddit in late 2023. That’s a word based place similar to here but active so much less time here nowadays not much discussion going on unfortunately
Discovered on the day of the release of the first stussy dunks. Throwback era, Ben baller days, nyc summit pics /stories/Philly trips, and hatertalk were all classic nt eras in my opinion.
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