Any OG’s still lurking here (circa 1999 - 2002)? Check in.

Yeah man...I used to religiously lurk the Music section for new music then I would use Lime Wire to download them, make tons of CD copies then in recess I would have kids listen to samples so that they can buy it off me. :lol:

My biggest money maker was discovering Linked Park in 6th grade and selling it weeks before they started selling it in stores. Second biggest was 50 Cent. :lol:

I developed a reputation of being the guy who knew what was the next big thing before it came thanks to Niketalk :nthat:

Hahaha that's awesome! I was one of the first people around my way to get a CD burner and did similar stuff.
IDK what the thread was but I remember Wale comin thru an gettin Shredded. There was no mercy for celebs on NT back in the days. Didn’t nobody take **** serious lol.
Lurked since 2000, joined Sept 10, 2002 while I was in computer training class during a 9-11 one year anniversary special we had to watch in class. I was a senior in HS.
Tap tap pull

2001 registered member here but started lurking in 2000 with friends trying to find info on the space jam retro release. We all ended up joining NT at some point.
Why is Derrick Lively in this ymca working out with is reggies like nobody gon’ recognize him? Yes creep im a get a pic then drop a dumbbell on him
July 2003 but was lurking way before then,found niketalk when looking for the 2001 bred 11s. Remember when the wdywt post was popping and it said no 56k and I had dial up,use to take like 10 minutes per page to load.
like remember djboodah was posting all this heat in the wdywt to find out he was sharing shoes wid his brothers and he just appeared as this fat dude that we didn't expect :rofl:

Almost 20 years later, how do you feel about this situation when you think back on it now? Did it ever get worked out?

Edit: What ever happened to Professor K? I remember that was the go-to spot when it came to sneaker reviews. I still think he gave a bs review on one of the takedown Reebok Iverson models, lol.
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