Any other NTers goin or gone grey young?

Joined Nov 30, 2007
I cant ever remember seeing a post on here bout bein young and goin grey.

Im 30 now n the grey has well and truely set in on tha wings (temples) big time and I have scattered grey all over,first found grey or white hairs when I grew my hair out when I was 20 had it short for about 6/7 years b4 that so never noticed it then gradually it set in more n more.

Aparently its genetic cause my Nan,Great Nan and my Uncles on my Fathers side all went grey in there 20s so I didnt have much chance myself of it not happening young, lately Ive found a few white hairs in my facial hair so somthin tells me it wont be long b4 theres grey all over my face to.

I look mad young for my age everyone thinks im like 23 so tha young face grey hair thing to me makes it worse im bout to start just for menin it soon but I cut my hair weekly cause I keep it ina close fade so Im considering growin it out so I dont be spendin a fortune on hair dye.

The one positive ive got is im not thining or receding anywhere yet (touch wood lol) and my friend has nearly lost all his hair on top id definately take bein grey with a full thick head of hair over bein thin on top or bald.

I know I could just shave it all off but right now im thinking while I can grow hair why not n shave tha dome when its starting to thin.

Anybody else here have these problems?

Joined Mar 18, 2008
Nah, I don't stress out over little things and
People really underestimate how big of a factor stress is when it comes to hair loss/thinning/grey-ing etc
And btw I'm pretty sure the hair pattern on your moms side matters more...I may be wrong though
Joined Nov 30, 2007
Pics? lol nah im good with puttin pics of me on NT

I think my full head of hair comes from my Mums side her Dad is 83 and has all his hair so im probably good there.

Joined Feb 26, 2009
Heck yeah. I started greying at 28 and it's gotten more widespread over the past few years (especially this past year). It's a family thing - most males in may family started greying at a fairly young age. I don't see it as a problem though.
Joined Nov 1, 2006
well im 20 and ive started to find a few grey hairs here and there but nothing to freak out about...
ive got about like 30 more years before i need to start worrying lol



Joined Mar 20, 2002
I've had scattered grey hairs since I was in my young 20's. Luckily they haven't gotten worse and are barely noticeable except when light hits them a certain way.

Rockin' a near baldy and getting a cut every week FTW.
Joined Sep 23, 2008
I wouldn't mind some greying, but balding is a no no.

If you're like him I wouldn't worry about it, dudes hair is completely grey but not balding.

Joined Jun 4, 2008
Im 24 and I have a great head of hair (Pause).
If you look real closely, you can notice little streaks of blonde facial hair (Pause).

If I ever have grey hair, I hope its something like George Clooney (Pause).

Yes, this is a cool story.
Joined Nov 30, 2007
Nah son im not all grey just scattered and the temples if I keep it short it hardly shows much but it fs up a nice crisp shape-up wich is why I wanna start applying that Just for men.

Mine started off white to like hair with no pigment at all and then spread I call it platinum low lights for jokes lol.

As far as stress nah im so chilled it aint that just in the genes.

Yep in the UK we tend to say touch wood (pause) instead of knock on wood but its meanin tha same yea.

Joined Oct 6, 2009
i've had scattered grey since i was 10...never forget when they started popping...
...i was actually nervous but that went away in a few days or so....i actually like it
Joined Nov 19, 2000
heartofthacity wrote: [hr][/hr]And btw I'm pretty sure the hair pattern on your moms side matters more...I may be wrong though
You're wrong. Scientist have discovered if the bald gene is in your dna strand, you will bald. Also, there is really no link to grey hair and stress, another wives tale that was debunked. I do agree with the op, going grey beats going bald. You can always color your hair if it bothers you.

Joined Jun 12, 2006
Mad gray hair since I was about 11 much like ^this dude.

It's been getting progressively worse, but the females don't even mind, so I don't really give a *%!$.

It doesn't show too much when my hair is short, but when my hair is long..

Grey Hair x Baby Face = confusion


Joined Jul 1, 2004
ehhh try being nearly bald at 21. id take grey, pink, blue colored hair instead of the 0 all around
Joined Oct 5, 2006
At least you can still use hair coloring to cover it up while them balding dudes out there has no choice but to cut it real short or shave it all off lol. I'm 25 and i'm starting to notice my corner is getting push back and it's scare me knowing that i'd probably be bald or has thin hair by the time im 30 something


Joined Jan 14, 2003
I'm 34 and I just noticed the first couple of grey/white hairs in my facial hair over the last 6 months. At first it was a little of a shock, just because I had never even entertained the possibility. My hairline hasn't moved a millimeter yet and I haven't even had one grey hair on my head, though.

I think the reason I never thought it would happen is that everyone in my family, on both sides who starts balding or greying, does it pretty early. By the time my dad was my age, he was fully salt and peppered. I just figured if it hasn't happened yet, it won't.
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