Any Windows 7 RC users here?


Joined May 31, 2007
I just installed Windows 7 RC (dual-booted with XP) and so far, it's pretty smooth. In fact, really smooth, fast, and responsive.

My question is do I have to reinstall all the programs I have installed on my XP partition (iTunes, Firefox, etc...) onto my Windows 7 partition? Like, I canview my XP partition as if it were a normal forlder on my harddrive (I guess because it is) but none of the progrmas launch. I really dont wanna have to redomy iTunes library and whatnot...

Any help is appreciated
Joined Sep 17, 2005
Yes, you do have to redo everything.

I'm using Windows 7, did a clean install and re-did everything.

For pictures, iTunes and all that, just make a backup of your pictures folders, videos, etc. For iTunes, just backup the whole "My music" folder, andmove it to Windows 7, if you let iTunes organize your music, make sure everything is in the same location on 7.
Joined Apr 19, 2009
you can still view your xp partition. i had to reinstall programs, but thx to libraries, i just added my media folders so its easier to find my music andmovies.


Joined May 31, 2007
Did any of you guys have problems with your sound?
I keep getting a "No audio device is installed". I tried updating the realtek drivers and it still doesn't work. Had to switch back to XP just tolisten to music..

Upon the switch though, it's so painstakingly obvious how much better 7 is to XP. I really need to get 7 up and running 100%
Joined Dec 8, 2006
Yeah 7 is pretty slick..only problem I have is that it randomly reboots on me sometimes.
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