Anybody check their credit score/report lately?

Jan 19, 2002
i saw one of my scores dropped more than 75 points and there was no changes

i called up the id theft place and they said that beginning 2010, the credit bureus have a new scoring system

anybody else had theirs drop?
Thank you for reminding me. I am trying to get off of the credit grid but I still would like to have a good score.
Actually yeah. I'm in enrolled in this identity theft program. And all my credit scores went up, except the Trans Union one, that **$+ dipped 20 points for no reason at all.
I checked my report yesterday for the first time and was pleasantly surprised with my score
I closed one of my first credit cards at the beginning of the year & I dreaded checking my score. I did though about a week ago and found my score higher than it has ever been at 723.

That should come in handy in a month or so while I am car shopping.
Its a good habit to check your credit every 6 months or so (or atleast once a year).

Mine took a mean dip in the last 6 months. Around September 09 my I was 800+ on 2 of the bureaus and 770+ on the 3rd. Now all 3 are under 700 with the lowest being 730 range... Putting $10K on my revolving credit really F'd me in the A. Gotta get it back up to 800.
1 more thing for you older NTers lookin to finance stuff in the near future. It looks like 720 is where you need to be at. I'm buyin a home right now and my wife's median score was a 714.... 6 friggin points is costing me atleast 0.125% on my mortgage. It doesn't sound like a lot, but over the course of a 30 year mortgage on a $400K loan, it adds up. FML.
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who takes 30 year loans?!?! suckers take 30 year loans.
I take it you don't own a house.
.......... good luck on your 30 year mortgage.

I need to check my credit, although I don't think i've done anything to hurt it.
I checked it and im good takes so damn long to get it up though but if u mess it up goes down 70 points,i use what are yall using to check,they charge 30 bucks a month but i called them up told them wat up they just charge me 15 a month, i know they got free ones but to me they dont give u all the info u need ,op did u miss a payment,credit card too close to your limits,too many hard inquires  
I'm 23 years old.. My credit score is 640 #SMH how can I improve and build my credit.. I have 1 CC and a car payment.
^^^^ it could be lower so for now u good try a secured credit card it helped me when i was younger
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