Anybody ever hoop at Metro Fitness (run n' shoot) in ATL?

Nov 19, 2002
This topic could be in the wrong section, if so my bad and just put this in the right section. Anyway, I've heard about the place but I've never had a chance to go. What's the setup and/or competition like?
Back in the days, I used to go there after drinking late at night. Don't ask me why. But yeah there's a lot of good players in that building. Some are even there to hustle out your money. Enjoy yourself.
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Don't even bother steppin foot in that facility, unless youre interested in meeting NBA stars. I saw Joe Johnson running there last summer and guy was just abusing people. I just sat and watched, screw getting dunked on with my 5'7 frame. :D
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Man I love the shoot. Use to go back in College. Nice spot, but go with some friends to run with, if not be prepared to sit.
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I play there alot. If u see someone in some kicks u wouldn't dare wear on a court like thunder IV's or something, trying to throw it back with two hands and dunk, it's probably me.
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Its open 24/7....good competition and you might find some stars or even and 1 players on the court...its not uncommon at all

$7 for one visit
$24 for a month
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Thanks guys. I got one more question. I finally checked out their website the other day and I saw where this place offers one-on-one basketball trainers! :pimp:
Anyone ever used this service?
funk that. i hear it's like 7 bucks to get in. it's on metro parkway right?
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