Anyone ever been to Australia??

Joined May 24, 2002
my homeboys and I were thinking of takin a trip to Australia during the summer before we all start workin... I was just wondering if any nters have been? how was your experience and could you recommend things to do and places to see?
Joined Nov 23, 2004
*raises hand*

dude its a beautiful place to visit, LOTS to see. The people are real humble and easy going, sydney is pretty cool but you've gotta get around and meet people in the other provinces ie queensland, cairns, melbourne etc. I'd say try to rent a car while you're out there. When I went, it was a student ambassador type of deal so we went all over the country on bus n visited a bunch of different spots, many of which I don't remember. Either way, I know you'll have a good time.
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