anyone have helio mobile?

Joined Jan 26, 2008
ive been looking into helio and it looks pretty dope but none of my friends have it so i was wonderin if any1 on here had it and could gimme some knowledgeabout it
Joined Oct 16, 2005
I've had Helio for 2 years now. I'm on the All-In 500 plan, 500 anytime minutes, free nights/weekends, unlimited text, unlimited internet for$65/month. The Ocean is a solid phone, does what i need (IM, keypad for text, email) the browser gets the job done too, although I hardly go on the web. Theservice is legit too, I've never had a single dropped call (I'm in SoCal) My contract is up and if the Ocean II looks good, I'll renew. Wasthinking about going the Iphone/Blackberry route, but for $30 less a month, im leaning towards staying with Helio.
Joined Dec 29, 2005
I had it. They use sprint towers so reception is good. I canceled early cause they rarely get new phones and I'm a technology freak. I switch phones everyfew months.
Joined Jun 29, 2003
yeah a bunch of my co workers have it. only because they got 3yrs free service because our store had a demo station in it. i wasnt working at the time or iwoulda got one. but nobody has complained about it.
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