Joined Mar 1, 2003
Here are some of my older works, let me know what you guys think

*Edit... here's one a little more recent
Joined Oct 1, 2011
you can do graphic design if you are good at vectors. but there is a wide variety of graphic design like commercial graphic designing etc. look into it.
Joined Nov 30, 2011
really good work, you've got major talent... alot of people can "redraw" photos, images, etc.. but this original artwork takes serious talent nice job
Joined Mar 25, 2002
Some Very taletned ppl in here.. Great artwork.. enjoyed checking them out.. 

Here is my contribution.  I used to do nothing but landscapes,  then didnt paint for a long time, got back into it because I wanted an abstract/splatter painting.. then decided I wanted to do more, and now i have a pretty large collection.  had a few sell via facebook and what not, to friends and family, and had a few random request, but I enjoy hitting up the garage, blasting some music and seeing what the end result is on the canvas! 
Joined Aug 15, 2012
For some reason I started doodling in the last half hour at work and ended up with this.

I guess deep down I want to be more artistic in 2014.

(I neither condone nor condemn the actions of this select group of individuals)
Joined Feb 11, 2013
Cool Pieces everyone. ANy NTers having a show in or Around, RIchmond VA. I'm having a show FEB 8th come check me out

Joined Jan 2, 2013
Anybody mind checking my spray paintings out? Im on IG at kevgar10 do a variety of things, not just sneakers.  Thanks
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