Athletic House in Leesburg

Jun 21, 2004
I was just wondering has anyone gone to The Athletic House in Leesburg recently? Any updates of what they have? Thanks.
the guy working there is an @#%$ so i dont bother going there
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yeah, dude's a @#%$ but he's got some good stuff.
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ive been there a few times nice lil mom and pop shop they got heats compared to other store but yea i agree the dude there is an as$
anybody know the hours??

thinking of going today but dont know when they close
Here's their number: 703 669 4912. They should be closed already though. They close relatively early every day.
realtalk, dude is a straight douche, but he got some goodies. And as for the hours, I remember going there a while back and there was a sign on the door saying"Will return in 10 min, going to post office". Bamma aint come back for like a hour.
^lol, ive found some nice stuff out there tho, and sometimes u can talk em down on stuff thats been there for a while, but i heard bamma be sellin fakeSB's now... dont know if this is true but thats the word on the street
^FAKE SHOES?!?!?!?! I must make a trip there this week. I will report to dc/md/va forum if these alligations are true. Horrendous.
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