August Alsina said Will Smith told him he could smash Jada if he wanted to...

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7 pages in and its interesting no one is considering dude's mental state or her role in this.
U must have skipped over my succubus post
Also word is she on adrenochrome
Wouldn’t be surprised if they had August all drugged up like a prostitute
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Looking through his filmography now
If I never seen a will smith movie
I wouldn’t have missed anything important in life
Except made in america
I liked that when I was younger
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I wish people would stop with the gender reverse scenarios. The dynamics in relationships are different and probably always will be.


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It's not mutually exclusive. Will can be smashing those women and also son from above the rim. It's not a this or that type card game.
People really stuck in binary thought patterns.

Some folks want it all. They want to sleep with men and women, be married and have the single life, be swingers and motivational speakers. In their world they feel like nothing is off limits to them.

Will was in ATL??????


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At the end of the day did Jada do anything really wrong? The agreement her and her husband have is no ones business. If he's cool with her smashing younger dudes on the side GOOD for her..People do that **** anyways on the low. Not saying this works for everyone but **** it works for them. Do i think August is wrong for putting that whole **** out there i think so especially if its something private maybe they didnt want out there.
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