back spasms?

Joined Dec 5, 2010
I was standing up after sitting on the john when an intense pain hit my back. Now it is really hard to sit up right while sitting on my chair without considerable pain. I'm going to take some pain killers but I'm not sure what I can be doing without hurting myself.

I run pretty regularly (>15 miles/week) but Thursday & Friday I lifted some heavy furniture up to the third floor of an apartment. Maybe this activity inflamed it?

How long should I be out of commission with this pain and how early can I start hitting the gym to work on core muscles as well as running?

Please let me know if you have any experience or advice with this. thanks NT
Joined Jul 18, 2012
bulging/herniated disc maybe? does the pain radiate down your leg, sciatica?

had this problem a few years ago. required surgery (mine was a severe case). a good amount of doctors are conservative concerning back issues, especially lower back. the lower you go, potential treatments become could become less effective.

consult your doc either way. if its a slight case, might be fixed with extensive stretching. more severe cases might require steroids that would try to take the swelling down, cortisone injections into the spine, with surgery as the last resort.

hopefully its just a sprain/strain muscle or something simple because bulging disk take a few weeks to heal. 
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