best place to get shoes in Vegas

Dec 13, 2005
i live here and i usually get my shoes at the footlocker, champs...etc....i just wanted to know of any other stores that sell the same type of shoes like jordans and air force ones...thanks
I'd like to know too. I'm going here for vacation and am clueless.
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have you ever heard of Suite160? No? Then you must be new, and thats the Shoe Boutique that Las Vegas has. I think there is two locations!!! Its basically a shoe store that sells what NTr's and Nike and Sneaker fans like!!! They have an SB account as well as a rare Jordan account!
^^ This guy must be new............stay away from suite160. One of the shadiest stores ever. Check out boardeep, subskates, and pharmacy. Unless your looking to buy some shirts, dont go to suite. If you want limited kicks from them, bring deep pockets.
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^^subskates gets their sb prices from Jeff at Suite160 so I'm not sure their price is going to be any better.
Iam goin to Vegas Next Weekend. Can I get a list of spots with address and numbers......THX
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yeah im goin down to vegas ono friday....addresses and locations would be appreciated
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I'm heading out to Vegas tonight!!! I'm looking to hit up Suite160 to see whats good on the tee shirt game, and the latest sneakers!!!
My tee shirt game has fallen off because I haven't been to LA in almost 4 months!!!! I'm hoping for the adicolors Series to drop too, but I'll see whats up when I gets there!!!!
WOOOO!!!!! LAS VEGAS IS THE SHIIIIII@@@@@!!! I didn't get to go to Suite 160 but I stayed at the MGM grand, and I started getting drunk as soon as I got there, and went to the Bellagio, and walked around before heading out to the MGM Grands Ultrabar; TABU, that was a cool bar!!! It was just like a club!!!! I can't wait to go back to Vegas!!!!!!!!
I live out here and the only places i go are niketown and maybe the boulavard mall. Does anyone know if ste 160 gets the jordan picture tees? By pics i mean like the playground tee, the polos with the shoe instead of the horse type stuff.
subskates gets their sb prices from Jeff at Suite160 so I'm not sure their price is going to be any better.

^^^^^wrong, support the local skateshops forget Suite 160 they are not good people I know first hand!!!!

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.....F Suite 160!!! Boycott!!.....

What's so bad about suite 160? Where else can I go for jordans?!?!?!
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Theres nothin wrong with suite160 at all im from orlando, florida and went to vegas this past week and it was a great spot.

Nothing spectacular at 160, haven't been to the new spot, Workmens is ok

Suite 160 Sold the Hawaii SBs for 180.. Across the street... Subskates decided to go with 180 also.. Suite had like 16 pairs and Subskates had 6.
Coming in at 91 its... EMAIL!!!!!
^^^^^^^ well i have only gotten MSRP at sub..........But I have Known Barry for about 12 years now! Not sure if this has been posted but new shop in town that has a good selection and fair prices! Laced

4035 Schift in china Town check them out pretty dope people!!










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.....F Suite 160!!! Boycott!!.....

It would be good if Laced got an SB account, but there are many stores in Vegas that have an SB account im stoked that they have all the other Exclusive accounts that Suite had a monopoly on for so long now Competion means Lower Prices For Everyone!!!!!

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.....F Suite 160!!! Boycott!!.....

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