Best razor and shaving cream combo?


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Razor-Schick Hydro
Shaving Gel-King of Shaves (Sensitive Skin)
I'm half black and have very sensitive skin. This combo does a pretty good job.
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clippers then shave with one of those 5 blade razors or the hydra...just some plain blue gel foam x hot water
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Any info on electric razors? Looking to buy one and wanted to hear any reviews. Thanks in advance!
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Originally Posted by MasterChef

aveeno sensatlve
This is good and I use it still, but I recommend Shave Secret.  Cheap and lasts forever since it only takes a few drops(shave oil).  I have super sensitive skin and this is the only thing that I can shave with to guarantee that I don't get irritated skin.

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This has become a bi-weekly topic for Stay Lurkin

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Originally Posted by MasterChef

aveeno sensatlve

plus when you guys shave, try not to go over the same area multiple times. go over it once or twice, if you missed some spots move on. once you finished your whole face, put on more gel/whatever you use and do it again. helps the face be less irritated. ive been doing this for a couple months now, and there has been a HUGE difference in regards to in grown hairs and irritation/razor bumps. my face is SUPER sensitive so if i would go over an area more than 2 times, the next day i was looking like the back of a crunch bar

im black/panamanian, if that matters
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Can you use an electric shaver with shaving cream? I see it on the commercials all the time, but I've never done it.


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You have to be real careful when selecting a razor, some will leave your bumbs all over! 
See it happen all the time at school, dude's come back days later talking 'bout "Look at my skin!" 
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none of these answers are wrong, because different things work for different (black) people when it comes to shaving.  for me, the best technique is: 
- apply hot towel to face for 25 seconds (or more)

- apply proraso preshave cream or anthony logistics preshave oil

- than apply trader joe shaving cream or anthony for men action 2-1 shaving lotion

- i use a merkur double edged razor; it's sorta expensive ($50 plus), but you buy it once and the razor blades are cheap.  if you shave alot (i shave 2-3x a week), it'll pay for itself in no time. 

- go back over face as needed

- apply hot towel, then cold towel (to close pores)

- almost as important as any of the above for black folk; MOISTURIZE FOOL! not with lotion. not with petroleum jelly. not with cheap aftershave balm. with a facial moisturizer.  i use kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer (again, not cheap, but you have to pay to play).  

when i do all of the above, i normally don't have any issues, and my face is as soft as a baby's bare %+*.  

2 disclaimers: 

- i still can't shave 2/3's of my neck due to extreme sensitivity

- you can't do all of the above in 5 minutes (well).  i try to do mine at night (during the work week). shaving is really supposed to be "man time".  you're supposed to take your time and enjoy the experience.  and if you use a straight razor or double edge, you HAVE to take your time or you'll cut your damn face to pieces.  
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im a beast not going to front. i can shave with no gel or any type of products..
doesnt bother me much. actually its easier for me to shave dry then with water/soap/products.
my skin doesnt get irritated either. i guess im lucky.
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Originally Posted by jm2000

This has become a bi-weekly topic for Stay Lurkin

Not even mad tho

Just trying to figure my stuff out. I finally got my ingrown hairs under control (thanks to the last thread) and it is time to start getting a closer shave. Ready to ditch the clippers 
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cop a straight razor with disposable blades.  they are dirt cheap and sharp as hell.



shaving cream

you're not going to find a way to shave with a blade that's easier on your skin.  it solved my issues.  i used to get bumps like crazy.
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