Blazer Air Force 1's..... Why?

Apr 20, 2005
Maybe I'm late on this, maybe not. I just don't see why they wouldn't drop these as a regular Air Force 1. Would have looked sick. Instead,we get these:




From Sneakernews and Nice Kicks
Originally Posted by Rapido27

Originally Posted by punisha15

Parts of two retro shoes put together.

equals a totally new shoe which isn't a retro.

So the 368 page 1/2 post which you replied to and didn't say anything about it being in the wrong forum is in the forum as well.
I forgot about the Nike sportswear air force 1 hybrid post that you also repliedto.
Following my posts in threads? That's flattering. Anyway, there's already a thread about the Blazer x Air Force 1 Hybrid. It's in the Nike Forum.
Originally Posted by FLiP SeNsAyShUn

The overall shape of the shoe is unattractive, but like others said, it would look nice as a regular AF1.

I second that the shape just seems so off.
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