Boston area stores...

Mar 7, 2006
What it is ya'll. I was wondering if anyone has ever been to A.W.O.L. in Allston, MA. If so, how'd u like it? Also has anyone heard anything about the Re-Up?
you must have missed the numerous previous posts on both of these stores before, huh?

awol is good peoples. they got 10 deep, PFK and for kicks, they got some heat on display.. for sale they got new balances, some vans i believe and evisu shoes...

to the best of my knowledge, re up is not open yet but will be soon. it will be under the super 88 market at packards corner... i think they will be focusing on the japanese market...also standard streetwear of course... :smh:
here is some info on re-up and the brands they will be carrying

and id recommend you go check AWOL and LAB out as they are already open in the area and definitly worth a visit imo
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