Boston Downtown Crossing Footaction

Nov 30, 2005
Anyone know why Boston's Downtown Crossing Footaction closed and is being replaced with a Foot Locker. I asssume that the footlocker a block away will close?

Anyway, that footaction was the one with all the urban account shoes and the largest inventory of them. Will Foot Locker be taking over that role as a urban account? Or will we have to deal with the BS that happens on release day at Expressions and Manhattens. By BS I mean the shoes go to their friends and they make you buy extra stuff like a shirt or socks with the Js.
That footlocker is absolute trash

the footaction wasn't much better
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doesnt footlocker own footaction anyways?

but yea, a new footlocker isnt necessary, even tho that little one was weak

i thought they were just renovating that footaction... oh well
yeah you guys are right they are making the old footlocker a kids footlocker
and i dont know why they are replacing it.
ill ask my boss this weekend for ya guys.
yeah, the footlocker and footaction at downtown crossing arent all that.
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downtown crossing as a whole is overrated....then again, i don;t buy "LS" releases so...... is what it is.
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