Brands of yesterday

Joined Aug 22, 2012
The street fighter line was fire
Not sure if your still interested but BAIT has a longstanding collab with capcom, and its very dope in my opinion all though the better stuff is gone

I saw these on Ebay in like 2010 going for like 300 dollars a piece, had no idea what this was of why it costs so damn much
Them graphics look gross
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I have no idea what I was thinking but I went through a middle school phase of wearing this. Especially the sweatsuit sets. Tossed half once I reached 8th grade and donated the rest once I hit high school
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I loved the Kid Robot tees.
LRG, Ecko and Sean Jean were mainstays in my wardrobe along with Ralph Lauren.
Joined Apr 3, 2005
I still have some BBC tees from the first and second season. Too bad I've lost weight since cause I still have these tees in XL-XXL
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Not sure if mentioned...

Willie Esco
GFS (Gerb, Futura, Stash). Made the OG Phillies Blunt T.
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I call myself trying to be different when I was wearing Rock and Republic/Antik jeans cause I couldn't find Levi x Fenom stuff while everybody was in True Religion. Gave all that away once I got to college. Glad I never went hard on True Religion
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My friend was messing around and asked for this at a bar a few months ago. Surprisingly, the bartender had no reaction and made it for him in 30 seconds. I didn't know that Hypnotic was even available for purchase anywhere :lol:
Back in '12, I convinced my boys to drink nothing but Incredible Hulks with me for the night.

It didn't end well :rofl:.
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Does anyone know if Play Cloths went out of business? Their website has been "under construction" for 3-6 months and I think their last drop was like a year ago...
Joined Aug 22, 2012
Does anyone know if Play Cloths went out of business? Their website has been "under construction" for 3-6 months and I think their last drop was like a year ago...
I dont think so. Pusha T still plugs their stuff from time to time and a new Creme store opened not too long ago in VA. Not a fan of the brand anymore though
Joined Nov 18, 2014
diamond should be worn by a lot of ppl again in around 10 years if it's really fallen off that much, maybe less. they shouldn't have stopped w/ the t shirts with girl models. Lifted should be big for a few in the coming decade if 2000's throwbacks are done. their simple track jackets were very dope & their denim had good cut if you were switching from very baggy clothes to what ppl call fitted, I still have a pair of them from 2007-2009ish and it's pretty heavy duty fabric. I don't mean to be all over the place but I'm kinda surprised very preppy type clothing hasn't scene a surge in popularity in the last 5-6 years or maybe it has & I missed it. was just thinking it's due & these "urban" & skateboarding brands were big for the past decade and a half or so.
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