BRUNO: Official Movie Thread [with trailer]


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. "How do you defend yourself against a man with two dildos?" LMAO
. I'm definitely gonna watch it.
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Didn't want to create a new thread. That is why I am bumping this.

This movie was so damn gay man. I wasn't expecting to see so many "things" in this movie. Caught me off guard man. I "got" it a while ago and I still don't think I EVER really paid attention to the rpeviews so again, I didn't know what to expect.

I couldn't imagine anyone paying to see this
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that whole twirling of the penis scene had me feeling mad uncomfortable.
i was embarrassed i was the one who suggested it...
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^ Yea I was very uncomfortable with that scene man. I was like come on. And then it seem like it lasted for a while too.
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Was about to go see it when it came out. Got a text from my sister about how ayo it was
Saved me
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like on some 15 solid seconds of full frontal, unadulterated, grossly flacid meat... on a big #%*@++$ screen tv, nonetheless.

had some funny moments, but they were few & far in between.
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^^Agree with all about this movie being very awkward and uncomfortable to watch. Since I really liked Borat I thought this movie would be good as well. I have seen many episodes of Da Ali G show and that Bruno did not seem as flamboyant and over the top. The interviews he did then were actually funny in a good way. So glad I did not see this in theatres as I was planning to when it came out.
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Originally Posted by Crazy EBW

Originally Posted by DCAllAmerican

Didn't want to create a new thread. That is why I am bumping this.
Can't waste those new threads eh?
Even before that, I always tried not to make new threads of topics already done. I wish more folks learned how to use search engines.
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Movie was seriously
but also

"Straight Dave"

"We're so like the Sex and the City girls"
The bootcamp
His exclusive interview with Harrison Ford

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When I went to see it (didn't pay, 2nd movie), there was a little kid with his mom in the theater
. It was so bad, and I couldn't believe grown men were laughing at the horrible story.
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Movie wasn't funny at all. It was just wayyyy too beyond that line of funny and nasty.
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