Camp-out question

Joined Jan 19, 2009
So I'm planning on camping out with a friend on Thursday for the Yeezys but we have one problem. I've never camped out before but we have finals onFriday so is it possible to leave for like an hour and have our spots still be there? Or I would leave for an hour or so, come back, and then he would leaveand come back but could we hold each other's spots in the line? Really need to know asap, thanks.
Joined Aug 3, 2005
I believe you have to be present to have a spot! If there's knowone at the spot I'd assume it doesnt count! Safest thing would be to call and ask!
Joined Jan 2, 2009
calling wont do anything, the people in line run stuff..but you blew the campout up and its a wrap on wednesday night now...
Joined Jan 3, 2008
^O man... Thats sucks for me!^ thats what I also got told from one of the guys that work there....
Joined Feb 1, 2009
fake raffle i don't think ppl really needed this false info, could have just said straight up all spots were taken.
Joined Apr 10, 2007
I've got $450 cash for whoever can get me a pair......

Or.....some very good trades plus $250-$300 in cash!!!
Joined Jan 3, 2009
really what is the deal up there did they go home with the wind and rain or they still up there.
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