Can we all agree 2009 is officially garbage?

Joined Nov 27, 2007
to say it's officially garbage is too soon to tell. i can't say it's officially garbage, but it's not going too well right now.

i'm trying to save up enough money as i can just in case i get that pink note.
Joined Nov 26, 2004
Actually things have been fairly good this year with a couple exceptions...
Iunno, I just have a feeling '09 will be a year to remember.
Joined Nov 12, 2004
2006 was the last decent year for me, early 2007 was alright also. Almost two years later and I still can't catch a break.



Joined Jan 28, 2008
Yea this year sucks.
I started crackin up when I read the thread title
Joined Dec 10, 2007
sh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t this time last year I was dealing with court and lawyers and looking at 6 months probation...09 started slowly for me but it has beenwonderful so my school situation back on track and headed the right girl situation improving greatly...I'm gettin off my %%% andgetting a little cash in my pockets again...still living at home and driving that POS tahoe but I still have 10 months to fix those....2009 is my year
Joined Aug 8, 2007
....Man tell me about it, my Mercedes needs gas, and my Penthouse needs to be cleaned.
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