Cannel 5: War On Fakes

May 2, 2003
Hey whats up NT? Well Channel 5 came down to 612 Premium to interview me yesterday. It was cool. To get into more detail they brought me some fake all white lows. She wanted me to describe how they were fake. From jump I knew that they were fake. The toe box was really high and the laces werent air force one laces. Then I go into more detail by pulling out the insole to show the reporter the serial number that is suppose to be there. There wasnt one. Also the insole was held in place by a strip of tape.
Just got done with the Second part of the interview. It's going to air Sunday Night at 10pm!
kstp mpls stp channel 5 this is great i walked past there last week and just smh at how these crappy shops even pull it off that long. finally.

ps- it was MY tip.
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Ill for sure be watching. Very nice shop too sstint, I think it was you I talked to saturday. I was wearing the C&C and Vans...

Also, nice sig SB ADDICTION. Cage is awesome :pimp:

Air Murphy

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^ That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Tap the shoe, pull the tongue, side step, pull tongue tap shoe.
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That was a great interview. Good to see stuff like this come out the midwest
But, really whats sad is I love you.
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