Cassidy knocks Kanye for Amber vol. if you wanna come to my hoteeeeeel

Mar 8, 2001
Thursday, May 21st, 2009
[h1]*Breaking News* Kanye Cuts Off Amber Rose Immediately Following Reports of Rapper Cassidy Chopping Her Backs Down!![/h1]
Posted by Bossip Staff

You can't turn a ho into a housewife. It seemed Kanye was just having fun with Amber Rose anyway, but now it seems she is on Young Cassidy's sack hopping up and it makes Ye look like he is getting played…again:
Information has just come down the pipe regarding Kanye "To The" and budding socialite Mrs. Amber Rose. has exclusively learned that its a wrap for the "couple". But you'll never guess why.
According to my source, Kanye has ended their relationship due to Amber trying to sneak out on him with another MC. Apparently while Ye is hard at work in Hawaii on Rihanna and Jay-Z's albums, among others, Amber's been trying to step out him with none other then Philly rapper Cassidy.

It seems the rumors in the streets about Amber Rose being nothing more than a bi-sexual opportunist is true because I hear she strived to keep her thing with Cassidy on the low. Too bad silly Amber wasn't smart enough to know that you can't get anything past Mr. West.

From what I understand, word got back to Ye' and he cancelled that chick I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E-L-Y!

No word yet on Amber's spin from the situation, but its definitely over.

Well she will be passed around a few more times after Cassidy, if this rumor is true. If not, Yeezy, pick from your stable bra.

Peep the new video by Kanye featuring Rihanna.

sorry if late.. i thought this was kinda
Jan 8, 2009
I'd hit... but by the looks of it every rapper has been up in that... so i'll pass
Sep 1, 2007
Man I doubt Yeezy is sweating this much. First off, he in Hawaii. Then remember his place in the game now.

I'm sure a sex tape is on its way. Shorty look like a freak for real!!
Jul 26, 2006
this was bound to happen, im not surprised at all. If not Cassidy it would have just been some other rapper
May 1, 2006
NT, I hardly post, but I have to on this one.

Cass's second album is truly heat. GIve him a chance NT!
Mar 8, 2001
y'all need to stop hating on cassidy.. she finally realized yeezy is as lame as his kicks/stans

i remember hearing on the radio that she was always complaning about his pipe game... i was
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