[| -- CBS 60 Minutes Profile: Russian Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov (NJ Nets Owner) (VIDEO) -- |]

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dude keeps catching breaks in life ... this should be a very good move for NJ and the NBA
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Originally Posted by What up

Originally Posted by High Class Scum Bag

some guys have all the luck
Nothing falls into your lap, you put yourself in a position to get lucky.
and get on Putin's good side.

seriously, Putin's power is on a bigger scale compared to most politicians who are in seat right now. Just don't F with the man and you'll amass great wealth.
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Originally Posted by Stuntman Mike

he don't even know where his 200ft. luxury yacht is 
I was dying at his reaction to the question....Man!

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Originally Posted by OptimusPrimeAPhiA

he easily is an OG...ain't no dude in Russia making bank without killing poeple...better believe that...
you are an idiot.
you obviously know nothing about Russia or Russian people.
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This guy loves stress, he finds it competitive. What better way to challenge yourself than buying the Nets.

You think if you played ball with this guy and you schooled him, he would get up in your face and maybe KGB your a*s?

Man, whenever I see Stern...I cringe, this guy is the Vince McMahon of basketball. . .

This guy probably drinks Dos Equis....Can anyone else agree with me since he's an extreme junky, that his life might end tragically?
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Wow....that was great to watch....

He's got to have some blood on his hands....seeing that footage of all of the brokers gunned down, and how he managed to somehow remained unscathed is curious..... of course I'm just speculating, but the interview mentioned that he had some good connections in the Russian Gov't before he made it big....makes you wonder if he had an "untouchable" tag...

Also, selling your shares of a company for 10b a month before the whole market crashed.....hmmmmm.....party girls...insider info....who knows

Anyways, welcome to America bro....
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