Celtics @ Magic Game 3 Thread (ESPN)

Naw no thread....

Magic's get it done...
I was wonderin earlier.

Magic lose Alston for tonight, but they get Lee back, so that's something at least.

Still think the Celts are bein way too overlooked in these playoffs. Even without KG, they tough as hell.
I think the Magic got this tonight ...

Change the thread title OP .
did we forget to drive to the basket? stuff that's so simple a caveman could call it.
This dude House is lights out

and know I see what ppl are saying when Dwight's post moves are pretty limited.
If he is not within dunking range it looks sorta iffy
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roc, why is your ugly %+% making this thread?
anyways, i hope celtics lose badly
You're still mad about that thread?

Sorry I don't share your religious beliefs that promotes bigotry.
Why does Rondo wear his headband like that? Looks stupid like he's tryin hard to be cool.
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