Cement Spiz'ikes

I like those shirts ill prolly pick up the black joint! these are the only spizikes im feeling
15Allen 5Anderson 35Bailey 3Dorsey 14Douglas-Roberts 2Dozier 1Kemp 20Mack 31McGrady 4Niles 32Robinson 23Rose 0Taggart
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Ya dude marqueesole still got em 160? I wanted the bobby fresh sweater for them.....hmmmm......yummy
Free Gizmo aka Smash....Sorry your feelings were hurt Gu
EHHH, i guess my wallet will still be full...thankyous JB for all these crap releases that keep my wallet happy
is it true there is a hoody or matching jacket & pants for these spiz'ike? I tried to look for it, but no luck.
There is a generic Black/Grey jacket and matching pants that came in with them, but they aren't specifically aSpiz'ike unit.
man they really screwed up the elephant print on these! the photoshop someone made months back looked a lot better
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