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Jun 26, 2002
Dec 16th apparently I've been told.
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Yes, should be 15-16th..

They should include the Fire Red Vs in the sale as a XMAS present.. :lol:
^ yo u DJ Royale? I saw your name on my guestlist this past Saturday at 2000 Til (Tangerine), were you there? if so howd you like it?

and to make relevance to the thread, anyone know if the Brons are included?
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^ man, i need those lebrons to ball in. hopefully these arent excluded but they prolly are. :rolleyes
has anyone gone down to the states on the 50 days? if i were to go on the 15th will I be getting 50 off in the states? anyone done this before?
^^ Me too, I need another Lebron IV, willing to pay reasonable hook-up fee.
FOR SALEdOubleO @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces)
i wish the white navy brons would come out before this, oh well, least i get all my xmas shopping done
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US 50% off days are not the same weekends as the CDN weekends...if you look in the US Forums yo'll find out their weekends but yeah as an employee for FL Canada you can go down there and clean up! Ahem...LoL!
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Didn't you read what Troopers said above?
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They should include the Fire Red Vs in the sale as a XMAS present..

SBs - Send Helps & Tiffs (sz 10.5 - 11)
Air max 1 - Amsterdams & Atmos (sz 11)
Other - Vans hosoi (10.5 - 11) & Adidas Ectasy Hi (sz 11.5)

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^ The BLK/RED XII was the last Jordan release day shoe to be included in the Employee Appreciation weekend. I know because I was shocked by it, and bought 3 pairs at Champs.

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does anyone know what is excluded? my manager said she doesn't find out until 2 days before, but i was wondering if anyone knew before then. lebrons, royal Vs?
i'll probably not be using my full discount this 50 so if anyone needs something maybe we could work something out

pm and we'll talk
what is the retial price of the fire red Vs in Canada?
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nothing i really want, mostly copping gifts.......wish the white navy brons came out THIS WEEKEND and not the 21st
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i doubt the dubs and fire reds are included in the discount... stealths are tho i heard
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Exclusion List came in today; Exclusions are as follows Fire Red 5s. Jordan Varsity Jacket and unfortunetly Heelys are also out.
Can someone post the full list please?

WANTED>>> Pushead Dunk 7.5-8
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