Chappelle on Depression

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I know he is here in the bay. He is doing two shows today and tomorrow night...if it wasn't yesterday and tonight. Sorry, I don't remember the dates.~
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My moms got butt hurt when I showed her this; She's heavy on the whole "secret" thing.

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Originally Posted by illphillip

So much brilliance in 2 seasons. Can't believe it ended there.....

I'm extra jealous of my potna...he saw him live in the Bay, while I'm down here in Pomona kicking up dust.
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He's been in Oakland for the last 3 weeks now. His last "pop up" show was on Tuesday and Wednesday...I saw him 2 weeks ago and he was hilarious as always (it was my 4th time seeing him!)
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Killin' them Softly and For What It's Worth were
.. the Chapelle show
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