Characters in Movies you actually felt hate towards .


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Originally Posted by Crazy EBW

Penelope Cruz in Blow.
When they got pulled over because she kept screaming "Why don't you $$$$ me!" while he was driving

I felt so bad for George.
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mirtha  in Blow, for snitchin on george

george's mom in Blow, for snitchin on george, look at her, she snitchin right now

connie summer in Unfaithful, for cheatin on her husband with that young punk in the picture. %@$%%@ skeezer 

ms carmody from The Mist, for everything she said. was glad when the old lady hit her with a can peas and i was happy when she was murdered

and last but not least..

Honerable Mention- Curly Head for rapin Tanuts girl in Baller Blockin
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Spike Lee in all of his movies. I was watching Son of Sam and I couldn't stop laughing at this guy as the reporter. Malcolm X, Mo Betta Blues, this N provides straight comedy relief. He always seems to be a chump/lackey, or a sucker. (excluding Do The Right Thing)

Edit: And the warden from Shawshank Redemption.
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