Charleston SC (?)

Dec 12, 2005
visiting down in Charleston: what are good spots to hit? (dunks, JB, AF1 etc...)
dont know where your from but there are no specialized sneaker boutiques as far as i know

in downtown historic charleston there is a place called the sportsman's shop down the main heads help me out... just type in sportsman shop +charleston and youll get an address prob....its a mom and pop that gets a lot of jordans and air forces etc

theres also a nike outlet at the new outlet center that just opened up in charleston

fairmont skate shop in downtown sells all the sb's you could need...again just type the names in google and youll get maps and all that info
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well we got a sb spot down here. its fairmont skate shop. they got a nice selection. thats about it though. we dont have a big af1/jb spot down here. it sucks
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