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Apr 11, 2007
Hey just to let everybody know, I was in commonwealth last night and they had BBC for mad cheap. I picked up a hoodie for $125 and one of the new styles of hats for $45. I don't know how long this sale will go on but I suggest hitting them up ASAP. The number is 757-622-3372

Just trying to help.
YO! My homeboy just said something about this to me the other day. DF!!!
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Hey just to let everybody know, I was in commonwealth last night and they had BBC for mad cheap. I picked up a hoodie for $125 and one of the new styles of hats for $45. I don't know how long this sale will go on but I suggest hitting them up ASAP. The number is 757-622-3372
Well I dont know where in VA you stay but BBC/ICECREAM is crack and continues to sell out, all the retailers always are scarce, plus you may not see people rocking it because the same people tend to buy out all the popular sizes, but thats your observation, im just tired of people always talking negative about this brand, it you dont care for it leave it at that
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Any brands gonna catch heat from someone...who cares what anyone else you. Accept the hate.

anywho..thank you for the heads up...although i could never find justification for hoodies more than 50 bucks...much less tees for 45.

hope everyone enjoys the deals though!
I aint about excepting heat, im just expressing my view on this...i have continued to purchase and will continue to purchase BBC regardless of the hype because the ones who buy it because of that factor are simple hypebeasts, so you can accept heat for things that suit you but me ill just turn a blind eye and voice my opinion :smile:

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TY, which of your spots has the BBC on sale or is it at both? Im looking to cop a couple tees and a crew or 2. Thanks
icecreamboy- 757. notice i said "NO HATE OR ANYTHING." i just wanted to bring up that fact that it is always on sale at commonwealth. it seemed like you got excited over something that doesnt deserve anything but a late pass. go in there AFTER the summer sale going on right now and i guarantee it'll still be marked down.

btw heads up mcdonalds has mcchicken sandwiches for a $1 only!
Damn on sale it's still 125 for a hoodie and 45 for a hat.
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Well you talking about me getting excited and you posted twice in a row about the same my calm down, don't buy you bbc and we will say you right so :D
so now you can move on to other posts :smile:

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no you just contradict yourself everytime you state something. answer my question. why do are you so adamant about it "continuing to sell out" but yet it STAYS on the sale rack? are you even in VA? i think i know who you are because the staff jokes about this one bbc ice cream d rider. well have fun wearing your new threads when u go back to high school this september.

dont get mad that people always mess with you on NT about your BBC ice cream stanness.
To answer your question the things that are on sale racks are the scare sizes like I have already stated, so you might want to take a more educated revise over my statements. Also you make you self look so immature with your comments, and the only thing one whom seems to d riding is you, so why dont you go ahead find something caddy to say to make you self look good alright :wink:
Plus you make bbc out to be like sean john or rocawear, I dont think any clothing like sells out. Your nothing but entertainment... :rofl:

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Im glad you have time to cycle through my pics, you nothing but an embarassment, you act like your 12. Your probably sitting at home on your computer waiting for my response. Your a pure contradict, you have NIGO!!! as you avatar, I mean come on...Look I like BBC, and you have different feelings leave it at that, hopefully you have a family and friends because it dosent sound like it...
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yeah my only friend is NIGO and he says thanks for d riding him and fattening his pockets. i was wondering how long it would take you to notice my avatar i've had since 2005. you must be one of those annoying kids that go to busy workshop and take pics and d ride the whole staff. how many times have you been there btw?
Im curious you seem to know and awfull lot about d riding a clothing line you should give lessons or classes...and you might be able to afford whatever it is that make you happy...hopefully your replying from your iPhone or Blackberry or your a very old virgin...
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no this just goes back to what i originally said.

no need to hype over something you say "sells out" but yeah stays in stock on the sale rack.
how many times do i need to say it?

answer my question.
Well obviously you dont know how to read, your probably working a minimal job trying to make ends meet, while im in the league hooping making seven figures, good thing I dont put my last name out here or I guess everyone would be d riding me right...
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if you make 7 figures. cancel your NT acct RIGHT NOW and do the following

1. invest in a cell phone with better picture quality
2. stop beasting over sale rack items
3. step your gear game up instead of vans, dc, and ice cream

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