chickefila elk grove

Sep 24, 2004
why where there serious heads out there with tents and stuff last night? the whole parking lot was filled with people.
Is it a grand opening? Never knew there was one there. But if it's the grand opening, the first so many people gets like a free year supply..just something I heard from a previous thread..
I know on Saturday they were giving out free sandwiches. I'm not sure if they're still doing it though.
First 100 customers get 52 free meals. They give you free food and play some games throughout the night. Ice cream bar at midnight
^^ It's where Krispy Kreme was (across the street from In-N-Out)

its bound to go out of business quickly then.

that spot is visible from the street, but pretty hard to get to.
sig for rent.
Lol...Yea it was there grand opening. I was there! You had to be the first 100 then stay there to 6am. Thought it was gonna be like campin for shoes but it was actually pretty fun. Ended up playing Texas holdem from 10pm to 6am and eating the free food and jus chillin the homies. Foods suprisingly good in IMO.

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