childhood fave cartoons.. LOL..

Dec 2, 2006
the speed racer opening song suddenly came to my mind.. hahaha.. i miss that series.. and that classic song.. then i just thought of starting a thread.. :rofl:

so, what were your childhood fave cartoons? :tongue:
No question about it...


Then you have Mazinger Z, Danguard Ace, He-man, Transformers, Thundercats, Starblazers, Macross...etc..etc..
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MASK, the real ghostbusters, masters of the universe...
with their action figure commercials... :pimp:
Man... am the only one who loves Mickey. How about Wacky Races and the other Hanna-Barbera stuff?


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
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voltes v, tranformers siyempre, and g.i. joe
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Ano yung kay Dastardly yung may mga PLANE sila? FAVORITE NA FAVORITE KO yun!!!

The title was Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines....

I love cartoons even till my handle impies...Transformers, Daimos, Voltron, Voltes
bring back saturday mornings at gma! jason and the wheel (or is it wheeled?)warriors... laser tag... hell, even mr. t's cartoon was good for a watch as a kid. other favorites include visionaries, centurions, inhumanoids, mask, transformers, g.i. joe, tiger sharks, camp mini-mon and the rest of the shorts from comic strip, thunder cats, silver hawks... i could go on and on here.

classic warner brothers cartoons were really entertaining too. my man the coyote kept getting blackballed by acme's bogus products...
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