Chris Bosh

Joined Jan 4, 2009
I'm actually glad Bosh is leaving now cause he's a bum, I just hope he doesn't go to the Knicks cause their even worse den the Raptors.
Joined Mar 24, 2008
ill be happy when Bosh comes to NY next year and becomes a role player like he was destined to be
Joined Nov 4, 2003
bosh showing you why he deserves that max contract

said it before, i'll say it again. he's a 2nd option
Joined Oct 31, 2001
i swear yu Raptor fans are the worst, cheers to Hedo being there for a few more years nd Andrea Bargnani being just a role player.
Joined Jul 10, 2005
CB4 has KG syndrome.. dude might not be a 2nd option but he's no better than a 1b.. he needs a crunch time scorer to pair up with..
Joined Apr 2, 2004
he needs a crunch time scorer to pair up with..

which Colangelo thought Hedo would do...damn that was the biggest mistake ever

Closing games has been the Raptors' problem for years.
Joined Nov 12, 2004
Yup, 42/12/5 is terrible. He will never be a franchise player. Will never be better than third option on any team.

Yup, he missed a layup, so dudes career is over.

Milk Carton.
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