Community Service Hours?

Apr 30, 2007
I'm goin into senior year and don't have any cs hours. Anybody know where i can get some?
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Where are you located?

I gotta do the same thing..

Im signing up to do some at Washington Adventist Hospital, I can get you the forms if you want.
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What I did was I asked a teacher I was cool with during the school year to give me Hours just for doing things like passing out / giving back graded assignments...and I did that like only 10 times and got the rest of my hours for free....hell just ask a teacher you know well if she/he could give them all for free and they might just do it....
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I have none at all entering Junior year... |I
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Go to your local library
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That is exactly what I was going to suggest. Normally the people there are not too bad to be around, and most likely all you will have to do is put some books on the shelves.
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I cheated on the ones I had before and siced myself...just do like 3 hours and then put a 1 before the 3 and extend the date to like 3 days.
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haha yeah im RVA and im needing 16 hours in the next 30 days i have no clue what im gunna doo
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I'm in pg county. I'm probably gonna see if one of my teachers will give me the hours or go to a library.
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